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CNC Machine

Standard robot cells

CNC Machine

Standard robot cells

Flexido cells offer an impressive range of options; when tending CNC machines with a robot, for example, loading and unloading operations are most commonly carried out using a sliding pallet system, a rotary table system or a rotary pallet system. Increasingly used, however, is robot-enabled part removal driven by a smart vision system, which enhances the robot cell's level of flexibility. With the integrated Pick&Place option, the robot can pick up varied parts of different shapes from the infeed conveyor. On standard cells, additional operations are performed at add-on stations such as the part cleaning (washing) station, part engraving station, deburring station, dimensional control station, and more.

Thanks to their modular design, standard robot cells are widely known as low-cost robot cells, are affordable to smaller companies, and as a resultreduce production costs.

Standard robot cells are the first step towards robot-driven production optimization and have a very strong ROI. By integrating a robot cell, you will also be making a step towards improving production quality and increasing the availability of CNC machines, plastics injection molding machines and production resources.

Standard robot cells allow you to reduce production costs very quickly and easily.


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