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Increase your added Value with Flexible Robotcell


Your friend always available for simple task

Colaborative robot on mobile platform

Electro and pneumatic interfaces
3D safety scanner
Holders for packaging boxes


  • Pick and Place applications
  • Quality control
  • Simple assembly applications
Technical data TMX Options
Dimension L x B: 600 x 900 mm 3D safetx scanner
Robot: TM 5 / TM 12 Universal pneumatic gripper
Payload: 4 kg / 12 kg Holders for packaging box
Reach: 900 mm / 1200mm Holders for intermediate layers
  Integrated 2D vision system Sensoric for application control
  Electric cabinet  


At Flexido we make automation easier.

We are a manufacturer of standard cells and custom-built cells for all types of industries.

Our goal is clear: to make automation processes easy and convenient for every user.

We accept any challenge and overcome even the most difficult problems. No situation is unworkable.

Together we can automate your business.


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